Here’s the first draft of PermaLibre idea (to edit, download the VUE file and VUE concept map editor):

I realized that I wanted different work and I knew that I wanted to change the way that knowledge is produced, distributed, used, and re-produced. Why pay for books when the Internet exists?

Growing the Commons: When someone is commissioned by their community to create something, and the creator is paid, and the creation is released, we can get smarter together much faster. Why? The creator knows that they’ll be paid, so that’s calmer, and the community gets a creation that respects their freedom to use it and build new creations with it.

PermaLibre mindmap, 2010-11-30 draft

PermaLibre mindmap, 2010-11-30 draft

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  2. Patrick Gibbs says:

    I posted ideas about PermaLibre and BetterMeans at the BetterMeans forum:

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