E-Portfolio Concept Map

I made a concept map about e-portfolios (in November 2009) that explores the topic from these questions:
– What characterizes an e-portfolio?
– Why might I want an e-portfolio?
– What’s up in the world of e-portfolios?

I found this survey quite helpful for understanding my Gaia University portfolio. Part of the map looks at how other institutions are using portfolios.

The full-size map is available in .PDF format (96 kb), .PNG format (5.9 mb) and .VUE format (60 kb) — the .VUE has more information in it since many of the concept nodes have notes and hyplerlinks attached to them. To get VUE (free/libre/open software) for Linux, Mac, or Windows (or Java source code), go to the VUE website.

A few concepts that stand out to me:

  • “assessment for learning” instead of “assessment of learning” (here),
  • matrix thinking (crossing criteria with creations, explained here),
  • three types of portfolios: personal representation, teaching and learning, assessment and accreditation (here), and
  • organizations can have portfolios too (Wikipedia article).

I decided to post this map now because I think it might inform the conversation going on in the Open Governance and Learning course at Peer-to-Peer University.

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